1. July 2011 19:02

Lights! Action!

by richard

Maybe it’s a consequence of my getting older but I’m finding more and more that for those late night gaming sessions in front of my PC my eyes are definitely feeling the strain of staring at a bright monitor in a dark room. Okay maybe that’s partly because of my 27” monitor being super bright, even on the lower brightness settings (it’s 3D-capable so they’ve made it brighter than normal to account for the sunglasses effect when using the 3D glasses) but my age probably does have a lot to do with it.

“Turn a light on!” I hear you say; “No!” is my reply because the little niche I’ve carved for myself off the back of my garage that I call my gaming den only has a fluorescent light in it and that’s a tad bright. “Okay, get a smaller light or something!” is your reply, to which I can say, “Yep, I did.” And here they are:


Of course, relieving the strain on my eyes is just a side benefit really, albeit a welcome one. The really great thing about these is the way that they bring what’s on your screen out into your gaming space and they work with just about every reasonably modern game that we’ve tried. Stand on the top of the cop car just outside the alleyway on the first level of No Mercy in Left 4 Dead and the walls either side of your monitor are flashing red and blue to match; have a boomer barf on you and they turn an interesting tinge of green. But enough of my Left 4 Dead obsession, they work fantastically well to enhance immersion in anything you play. Pair them up with a game that’s actually been fully amBX-enabled, such as the excellent Age Of Conan and they become fully active, allowing in-game events to be reflected in the colour changes of the lights too. Even the direction (and height) that you’re getting hit from can be displayed by the lights (especially if you add more lights to your setup – amBX is aware of what’s happening in the 360 degrees around the player).

It’s not limited to just games either: installing the software adds a plug-in to Windows Media Player enabling the lights to react to your music – they also work with the visualiser in iTunes too. Finally, if you watch movies using the excellent VLC Player then you’ll get the full benefit there too.

The Cyborg Gaming Lights are available right now from our Gameshark store




7/5/2011 12:52:14 PM #

A great alternative to quite expensive amBX Starter Kit, especially when you already have good speakers!

grinder | Reply

7/7/2011 1:11:00 AM #

I heard about this about a year ago and i'm super excited it's finally been released!

Any idea as to whether or not this unit will be available at any major retailers in Canada (or if it ever will be for that matter, NCIX comes to mind and I get the feeling a lot of gamers would love this to death!)? I've been salivating over the concept of an all-in-one AmbX package for my PC such as this one but as far as I can tell there hasn't been a major company interested in producing AmbX kits since Philips did their now no longer produced AmbX Starter/Premium kits.

I really can't wait to pick a set up, I might end up being one of the first people  to make a video review for youtube as I have seen very little information released on this unit so far.

Brian Canada | Reply

7/7/2011 1:31:08 PM #

For the time being they will only be available through our Gameshark stores, but we do cover Canada:


richard United Kingdom | Reply

7/7/2011 4:48:15 PM #

When can we expect them to be sold on amazon or best buy?

Conklin United States | Reply

7/11/2011 10:36:09 AM #

It will be quite a while yet, but that's not a problem because they're available on our Gameshark site right now!

richard United Kingdom | Reply

7/16/2011 12:13:18 PM #

Any way to get them if you live in Spain? Gameshark doesn't ship to my country.

rlg Spain | Reply

7/18/2011 11:32:07 AM #

Not yet, but you should start to see the lights being more widely available as interest grows.

richard United Kingdom | Reply

7/18/2011 10:51:08 PM #

do they only work on pc cause i want to use it on ps3

steven United States | Reply

7/19/2011 1:07:07 PM #

PC only at the moment, I'm afraid.

richard United Kingdom | Reply

7/26/2011 12:57:19 PM #

Non-Gaming Profiles

Non-Gaming Profiles

Cyborg Gaming | Reply

7/30/2011 1:56:25 AM #

Please add Holland to the short list of future suppliers. There is much interest over here. There are many users that would like to replace the Philips side-pods with the wall facing version from Cyborg. Let us pray...

Adje Netherlands | Reply

7/30/2011 12:30:22 PM #

Just letting you guys know I fixed my problem with the Cyborg V7 Keyboard.

Below is how I fixed the "NO SEEDS" Error if anyone else happens to run into this

The problem was with the software, installing the software and/or the drivers was not a problem what the problem was under Windows 7 x64 the software uses Net framework 2.0 x64 to install which only gives read and wright permissions to the administrator of the computer not to the owner or users.
The data that needs to be accessed for the program to run the "SEEDS" is located under

C:/ProgramData/ Saitek/SD6/ Seeds/  which by default is hidden.
The fix for this is  go to the control panel under folder options click show hidden files and folders.

Once you have did this you can now see the ProgramData folder using mycomputer or windows explorer it will be located on your c: drive, navigate to the ProgramData folder and find the Saitek folder right click on this folder and click properties.

From there select the security tab and then click advanced change ownership from Administrator to  yourself making sure to tick the “Include inheritable permissions from the object’s parents” at the bottom.
Click apply then ok and the program should now start right up.

Thanks all hope this helps someone else

Chris United States | Reply

8/27/2011 2:37:00 AM #

I just got the R.A.T 9 and I'm using it on a Mac. For the life of me I can't figure out how to set this thing thing up. I am trying to use it for play in World of Warcraft. I downloaded the profile presets that had one for wow on it but when i installed it in the RAT dir it is the only one that does not show up. Please someone help me.

Eric United States | Reply

9/15/2011 3:04:57 PM #

Please people, make those lights come to the Netherlands!
We've been waiting ages for new ambx hardware and I know dozens of people that would like to buy loads of these!


Jesse Netherlands | Reply

9/17/2011 9:07:49 PM #

C'mon, just put the gaming lights on amazon, allow us to order them to Poland!

Jarek Poland | Reply

10/19/2011 1:01:55 AM #

lights are on amazon, but they cannot be shipped to Poland :-/

Jarek Poland | Reply

11/3/2011 4:14:06 AM #

I would totally be into buying a set of these if they worked with OSX as well.. I am lighting my desk area with blue LEDs right now, but would love a little something more... Can't pay $100 for something I can only use 10% of the time.

Dan United States | Reply

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