2. November 2012 16:33

New Mac beta release (UPDATED)

by richard

UPDATED 11th December 2012 - beta is now in full release

We have updated the beta and this should address the issues that were still affecting R.A.T.3 owners and some R.A.T. owners.  Please update, give it a try and let us know in the comments below.

<Link removed> - click the Downloads link at top of page to obtain latest release version.


As you will notice from the version number, we've been through a number of versions now to try and iron out the issues that some of you are reporting.  This release also adds support for the Mad Catz branded versions of the R.A.T.s which are now appearing on the market.  Please provide feedback below in the comments or via our support page at http://support.madcatz.com


You can download the beta from this link:

<old link removed>


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18. October 2012 14:50

New Range Announcement: G.L.I.D.E.

by richard


If there's a question we get asked a lot by R.A.T. and M.M.O. owners, it's, "Which gaming surface do you recommend we get?"  This is usually because they've bought one already (that's usually black or made from glass - both of which are bad for lasers) and they're having trouble with tracking performance.

We have therefore worked directly with Philips, the manufacturers of the Twin Eye sensor used in the majority of our mice, to develop a range of surfaces that all produce optimal tracking performance for the sensor.

In order to track movement, the laser sensor in a mouse relies on receiving specific information from your gaming surface, obtained through reflections of the laser beam.  Therefore, the surface upon which you use your R.A.T. is very important.  Use it on a dark surface that absorbs light from the same spectrum in which the laser operates and the sensor won’t receive enough information, if any at all, and can’t detect that the R.A.T. is moving.

The surface shouldn’t just reflect the laser like a mirror, known as “specular reflection.”  Instead, a mouse operates at peak efficiency when light reaching the sensor reflects in a broad range of directions.  This is known as “diffuse reflection.” 


The entire range of G.L.I.D.E. surfaces meets the requirements of proper reflection. Very specific colors and materials ensure that the R.A.T.’s laser sensor receives an abundance of reflected laser light in order to achieve unprecedented levels of response. 

We've developed four surfaces, all of which will work great with optical and laser sensors and cater to the many different needs that gamers have from their mouse mat.  Check them out along with more details of their performance at the following links:








27. July 2012 15:30

Mountain Lion beta support

by richard

UPDATED November 26th 2012

We have updated to the latest beta today - please try it at this link:


A major Apple OS update and of course consequently there are many of you asking for an update to the software so that your beloved R.A.T./M.M.O. will work correctly.  So over the last couple of days we've been getting some help from the community with testing the latest beta release and the feedback has been extremely positive.  Therefore we're now going to make this a public beta to get a wider swathe of opinion before we make this the next official version.  As it's a beta the usual provisions apply so please back up your system and, if you're in any way unsure, wait for the final release.

You can get the software from this link:

<old link removed>

Please do give us feedback in the comments below (and remember that all comments are moderated so they won't appear immediately!)



For anyone having trouble with getting this to install, you may have Gatekeeper set so that it only allows programs to install from the App Store.  You can change this by doing the following:


1. Go to the Apple logo in the top left-hand corner of your screen and select System Preferences.

2. Select Security.

3. You may have to unlock your system to change the Security settings by clicking on the padlock in the bottom left corner of the Preferences screen.

4. In the bottom half of the panel simply select Anywhere and then confirm the security exception by clicking Allow From Anywhere and you're done.




3. July 2012 17:55

Mac Software Updated!

by richard

UPDATED November 26th 2012

We have updated to the latest beta - please obtain from the link below:



Yes, we have a new release for all you Mac users.  This should address all of the recent feedback from the community and includes the following fixes:

Fixed Memory leak
Fixed Precision Aim button
Products should now function correctly under Lion
Added support for recent product releases (such as the 3500 DPI Optical R.A.T.3)
Small Graphical Issues cleaned up

Also fixed hover issues for some people that were still getting that problem.

You can obtain it from our downloads page or copy the link below into your browser:

<old link removed>


3. April 2012 13:00

*Click, click, click, splat, shower of loot*

by richard


Lather rinse repeat.  As a gameplay formula it doesn't sound all that enticing when you write it like that but that's to entirely miss the point.  I'm of course talking about Diablo III, the forthcoming latest version in the venerable series which exhibits all the compulsive tendencies that you remember.  It's been a while since I last played Diablo II (ooooh, about a decade) but there have been plenty of games in the meantime which embodied the same action RPG, loot-'em-up style to tide us over.  Everything from Titan Quest, to last year's Bastion owe more than a small amount of debt to the original Diablo - even Borderlands, which might seem to be a different game thanks to its FPS styling, had that same enticing gameplay mechanic of killing hordes of monsters and then collecting the loot which was left behind: every click of the mouse leading you on to what could be a new weapon or piece of armour which is better than the one you currently have.

Having been lucky enough to get a beta key for Diablo III recently I was intrigued to see if Blizzard had retained that same compulsive gameplay magic; I fired it up, thinking I'd spend half an hour just getting into it.  6 hours later my conclusion would have to be: yes, it's got all the magic and more that I remember from the first two games in the series.  To put it another way May 15th can't come soon enough, but for those of you lucky enough to be on the beta, I've put together a profile for all R.A.T. and M.M.O.7 owners and added it to the RPG Profile Pack on the downloads page.  Keep on clicking/looting!


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