3. April 2012 13:00

*Click, click, click, splat, shower of loot*

by richard


Lather rinse repeat.  As a gameplay formula it doesn't sound all that enticing when you write it like that but that's to entirely miss the point.  I'm of course talking about Diablo III, the forthcoming latest version in the venerable series which exhibits all the compulsive tendencies that you remember.  It's been a while since I last played Diablo II (ooooh, about a decade) but there have been plenty of games in the meantime which embodied the same action RPG, loot-'em-up style to tide us over.  Everything from Titan Quest, to last year's Bastion owe more than a small amount of debt to the original Diablo - even Borderlands, which might seem to be a different game thanks to its FPS styling, had that same enticing gameplay mechanic of killing hordes of monsters and then collecting the loot which was left behind: every click of the mouse leading you on to what could be a new weapon or piece of armour which is better than the one you currently have.

Having been lucky enough to get a beta key for Diablo III recently I was intrigued to see if Blizzard had retained that same compulsive gameplay magic; I fired it up, thinking I'd spend half an hour just getting into it.  6 hours later my conclusion would have to be: yes, it's got all the magic and more that I remember from the first two games in the series.  To put it another way May 15th can't come soon enough, but for those of you lucky enough to be on the beta, I've put together a profile for all R.A.T. and M.M.O.7 owners and added it to the RPG Profile Pack on the downloads page.  Keep on clicking/looting!


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