6. February 2012 16:53

M.M.O.7 Lives!

by Marc


The M.M.O.7 has now gone live on our Game Shark store and will be available in other good retailers shortly. Thanks to all the patient Cyborg fans out there, your wait is now over. Good things come to those who check Facebook on a daily basis!

So, you’ve read the feature lists, and you’ve seen the fancy videos, so here is the rest of the vital information you need before embarking on that 36 hour session! 

Let’s start with drivers and software. The download page has been updated with MMO7 goodness. So, whether you are a Windows, or Mac user, the latest versions are available to get you up and running.

For all you WoW players, the custom add-on for the MMO7 can be downloaded from curse.com from this link: 


To save you some setup time, every profile in our Profile Library (available from our downloads page) has been updated to include support for the MMO7. 

If you need some extra help with software functionality, we have also produced video tutorials for the programming software and the WoW add-on.

For the programming software, click Here

For the add-on, click Here

I think that’s everything, happy grinding!



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