24. May 2011 15:13

L4D2 4 U

by richard

You’ve all seen me write before about how much I love Left 4 Dead 2 – it’s still the lunchtime game of choice here in the development office – and I thought it was time to provide a few tips and tricks.


Keep all of your angles covered – keeping clear of the normal infected is always important because of their ability to stop you moving when they hit you.  You’re not going to be able to step out of the way of that charger if you’re getting pummelled by even just a single infected.

Stay together – remember that this is a team game and whilst the rushing tactic is valid, don’t forget to keep making sure that your teammates are still with you.  Your teammates can’t help you if you’re halfway through the level and get pounced on by a hunter – by the time they catch up he’ll have finished you off and be waiting for them to arrive…

Don’t shoot each other – sure, stay together, but be aware of where each of your teammates are standing and what they’re doing.  All too often I have to stop to deal with an infected and end up shooting one of my teammates because they’ve run through me and in front of my gun whilst I’m firing.

Listen! – This is the most important hint of the lot but one that I consistently see being ignored.  Everything in the game has an audio cue, from the Jockey’s cackle to the music played when a Smoker snares you, so you should never be in any doubt of what’s happening, even if you can’t see it.  As long as the special infected have actually properly spawned into the level then they will be making their own unique noise and you can use this to track where they are.  Additionally the audio cues for when one of them has your teammate snared/gripped/burned/ridden should also be telling you to check your teammates and rescue the one who’s trapped – time is of the essence here as the longer you leave it, the more damage they will have done to them (and the more time the other special infected have to position themselves to cause you even more grief).

If you have a 5.1 soundcard then that always helps too; being able to precisely pinpoint where the special infected are is much easier if you’ve got proper surround sound – pairing it up with one of these helps too because the final hint about being a good survivor team is good communication.


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19. May 2011 15:39

What would YOU like to see on Sale?

by Marc


We are giving our followers and community fans a unique chance to vote for the Cyborg products they would like to see discounted on our GameShark Stores. Visit your regional store (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, or France) and share your favored products via the Facebook, Twitter, or other social network buttons available on the product pages.

The Top 5 shared products for each regional store will be discounted 20% off!

Votes will be tallied from May 16th until May 22nd, and the coupons and selected discounted merchandise will be exclusively announced to our communities. If there is a particular Cyborg  accessory you are looking to buy or have been waiting to go on sale, this is the perfect opportunity to vote your product into this promotion!  >




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10. May 2011 10:49

What can I use that Thumb Wheel for?

by richard

This is a fairly common question.  The short answer is, “Just about anything you want” but there is a small restriction, so let’s go over that here.

You’re probably already aware of the basics of programming the buttons on your R.A.T. (if not, just read the manual under the Support tab in the software interface) and the thumb wheel directions are no different – anything you program to either direction will work each time you turn the wheel in that direction past each ‘click’.  However, unlike the other buttons, each click can not be held down so it’s only good for momentary commands – those of you trying to assign strafing movement to the thumb wheel will find it incredibly exhausting to do so as you’ll have to keep moving the wheel to keep on moving in game!

What do we assign to it here?  Usually one of two things: horizontal scrolling or volume control.  Horizontal scrolling can be achieved by programing the left and right cursor keys to the Anti-clockwise and Clockwise directions, respectively.  Volume control is programmed by using the hotkeys commands.  Hotkeys are programmed by doing the following:


  1. Click in the while cell for the button you want to program to get the flashing cursor 
  2. Right click in the cell to bring up the drop-down list of options and select Insert Hotkey
  3. Select the volume + or – depending on which direction you’re programming

As you’ll see there’s a few other hotkeys in there for you to assign to other buttons



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