22. February 2011 15:21

Calling all R.A.T. owners!

by richard

Yes, you – even you over there hiding behind that pillar.  We know there are thousands of you out there now and we know a lot of you like to use this old-fangled thing called Facebook (well it can’t be new-fangled any more – it’s been around too long, surely?) so we have dutifully set up the R.A.T. Owners Club as another place for you to share images of your gaming setup and discuss, well, anything you want to really.

Later on this year we’ll be setting up competitions through the club, allowing you to win free stuff and of course we’ll be letting you know about all that goes on in the world of R.A.T. (and Cyborg as well).  So hit that ‘like’ button to stay in the loop.

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